UAA Challenge! Summer Jam! AAU Super Showcase! Comes July

July for the Illinois Stars/Rockford Elite program doesn’t slow down in 2018!

After competing in the Adidas (Gold/Silver) Gauntlet Regional in Chicago this last weekend with 3 teams and playing against teams like D1 Minnesota, you soon realize that playing the best teams in the country is exactly where you want to be.  While I personally think moral victories are for the birds, I did see our teams successfully compete against some of the best teams in our country and Canada.  Coming in 2nd in each of our respective pools proves that.  While our Adidas tournaments are completed for this season, we look forward to it again in 2019.

see Adidas Gauntlet Results Page Here

Come July 2018, we find new challenges, including the Under Armour Challenge Tournament, the NY2LA Summer Jam and the AAU Super Showcase in Orlando, Fl.

Contact Coach Warner if you would like to learn more.


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