Illinois Stars/Rockford Elite finish up LIVE Periods!!!

Looking forward to watching the successes of the following 39 players that traveled with the Rockford Elite/Illinois Stars program to Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Orlando this April, May and July during live period.

The more conversations we can have about our area talent, the better!!! There is some talent below!!! Check them out!

1.Sincere Parker (Rockford East)

2.AJ Storr (Lutheran)

3.Nick Fehrle (Boylan)

4.Ethan Ackerman (Winnebago)

5.Kobe Reed (Plainfield East)

6.Josh Ausler (Auburn)

7.Marcus Hill (Rockford Christian)

8.Troy Hunter (Guilford)

9.Javin Davis (Auburn)

10.Brady Peterson (Hononegah)

11.Nolan Rundle (Winnebago)

12.Trent DeVries (Hononegah)

13.Biggie Luster (Jefferson)

14.Latrell Graham (Jefferson)

15.Garrett Burdin (Rochelle)

16.Jarrett Lutzow (Hononegah)

17.Tyler Yaun (Hononegah)

18.Trenton Kyler (Dekalb)

19.Johnny Ice (Dekalb)

20.Brenden Moss (Jefferson)

21.Jack Ivanic (Guilford)

22.Caymen Woods (Waubonsie)

23.Dre Thompson (East)

24.Caleb Donaldson (Bloomington)

25.Jordan Williams (Dekalb)

26.Nick Pierson (Hononegah)

27.Marquis Ratcliff (Bolingbrook)

28.Brown (W Aurora)

29.Chris Burnell (Rockford East)

30.Will Engels (Benet)

31.Sha Den Clanton (Rockford East)

32.Shane O’Mara (Benet)

33.Ethan Helwig (Metea)

34.Beau Bailey (Dixon)

35.Dylan Garrington (Georgia)

36.Cleshon Phipps (Jefferson) injured

37.Anthony Brown (Boylan) injured

38.Cameron McDowell (Georgia)

39.Jacob Gaither (Dixon)

Contact Coach Warner if you would like to learn more about playing or coaching.

Warner 815.262.5995

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