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Coach Spencer Takes NY2LA Gold

Coach Marcus Spencer is nothing new to Chicago basketball but is new to Illinois Stars basketball. It’s been great getting to know him and what he stands for. His expectations to play and win as a team are respected and certainly work as he led his 15U Under Armour Rise team to a Gold Championship in NY2LA’s Swish N’ Dish early April 2019. It’s very enjoyable watching his team play and I look forward to watching them run again.  Check out a few highlights below.

Coach Jason Warner


March 23rd, 2019 is set and so is the Senior Showcase Game or should we say Game(s).  These games will highlight Rockford Area high school seniors who have exhausted their IHSA eligibility after the season concludes.  The purpose for the games is to continually improve our region’s collegiate exposure and we look forward to highlighting teams and seniors leading up to it.


While the “Senior Showcase Game” is currently a Boys only event, we are open to working with another organization to run a girls game(s) concurrently.  There is a lot that goes into games like this and certainly a lot of questions to answer to make sure it is the best in the area.

For example,

Should the games be big school vs small school?  Should the games be divided based on talent level?  Should the games be divided by conference?  Should the game be divided by the schools geography?  Should they be divided by signed or unsigned seniors?  Should they be divided by kids committed to colleges and those that are not committed to colleges?  Should the the games be divided by those pursuing basketball in college and those not pursuing basketball in college?

There’s a ton of questions to finalize but what we do know is that there are 40 boys  (2 games) in our region that will be selected to participate on March 23rd, 2019 for our Senior Showcase Game(s) and we will be able to recognize more potential Rockford Area kids.

Promoting our area seniors and recognizing our areas talent in basketball is why we do it and want to thank everyone for their early support.  We look forward to the event but we certainly look forward to the season leading up to it.

To assist us in the video promotion of our areas basketball talent, we are looking for sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, we would love to hear from you.

Check out the following link for more information.

Coach Warner


Rockford Elite Open Gym/Program Days

Gearing up for the 2018-2019 season is certainly fun! When you gets kids playing basketball and off Fort Nite, it’s a great thing.

Our coaches couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season as well. We are fortunate enough to have great kids who are looking to improve. It certainly makes coaching fun. Take a second and check out the video that Eric Steiner from Harlem High School put together for us. Thanks Eric!

With fall camp and fall open gyms a huge success, we look forward to our seasons starting. If your still interested in the program for this winter, it’s NOT too late to register for “PROGRAM DAYS”. With 7 Program Days left, any boy 2nd – 8th grade can join us for development and improvement with all of our travel teams. Use the following link to register.


Contact Coach Warner with any Questions 815-262-5995 (text friendly)

Note: We still are looking for 3rd and 4th graders interested in our program

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Rockford Elite Basketball png

Illinois Stars/Rockford Elite finish up LIVE Periods!!!

Looking forward to watching the successes of the following 39 players that traveled with the Rockford Elite/Illinois Stars program to Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Orlando this April, May and July during live period.

The more conversations we can have about our area talent, the better!!! There is some talent below!!! Check them out!

1.Sincere Parker (Rockford East)

2.AJ Storr (Lutheran)

3.Nick Fehrle (Boylan)

4.Ethan Ackerman (Winnebago)

5.Kobe Reed (Plainfield East)

6.Josh Ausler (Auburn)

7.Marcus Hill (Rockford Christian)

8.Troy Hunter (Guilford)

9.Javin Davis (Auburn)

10.Brady Peterson (Hononegah)

11.Nolan Rundle (Winnebago)

12.Trent DeVries (Hononegah)

13.Biggie Luster (Jefferson)

14.Latrell Graham (Jefferson)

15.Garrett Burdin (Rochelle)

16.Jarrett Lutzow (Hononegah)

17.Tyler Yaun (Hononegah)

18.Trenton Kyler (Dekalb)

19.Johnny Ice (Dekalb)

20.Brenden Moss (Jefferson)

21.Jack Ivanic (Guilford)

22.Caymen Woods (Waubonsie)

23.Dre Thompson (East)

24.Caleb Donaldson (Bloomington)

25.Jordan Williams (Dekalb)

26.Nick Pierson (Hononegah)

27.Marquis Ratcliff (Bolingbrook)

28.Brown (W Aurora)

29.Chris Burnell (Rockford East)

30.Will Engels (Benet)

31.Sha Den Clanton (Rockford East)

32.Shane O’Mara (Benet)

33.Ethan Helwig (Metea)

34.Beau Bailey (Dixon)

35.Dylan Garrington (Georgia)

36.Cleshon Phipps (Jefferson) injured

37.Anthony Brown (Boylan) injured

38.Cameron McDowell (Georgia)

39.Jacob Gaither (Dixon)

Contact Coach Warner if you would like to learn more about playing or coaching.

Warner 815.262.5995