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Basketball is Back at the BMO!

Basketball is Back at the BMO and Rockford Elite Basketball is excited to be part of it!

The G-League Affiliates of the Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves will premier the brand new Fred VanVleet Court.

FVV Court

When:  Fri, Nov 1, 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Where:  BMO Harris Bank Center 300 Elm Street Rockford, Illinois 61101

On November 1st, 2019, 4 Rockford Elite teams have partnered with the Windy City Bulls and the BMO to participate at half-time during each double-header.  Below is the information needed to order tickets along with a player schedule information

The preseason double header will tip-off with the Windy City Bulls vs. Iowa Wolves at 5pm.

Windy City Bulls Web-Site https://windycity.gleague.nba.com/
IOWA WOLVES Web-Site https://iowa.gleague.nba.com/

Coach Danial Petrie (5th Grade) and Coach Billy Lewis (6th Grade) will combine to play approximately a 10 minute scrimmage game during half-time of the 1st game of the double-header.   Players please be ready as members from the Windy City Bulls will be looking out for you prior to half-time.  Both teams will need to come down to the court with 10:00 minutes left in the second quarter.   PLAYER/COACHES tickets will be picked up by Coach Warner and distributed to coach Petrie and coach Billy Lewis the week of the game.

The second game will feature Sioux Falls Skyforce (Miami Heat Affiliate) vs. the Wisconsin Herd (Milwaukee Bucks Affiliate), game will start at 7pm.

Wisconsin Herd Web-Site https://wisconsin.gleague.nba.com/
SkyForce Web-Site https://siouxfalls.gleague.nba.com/

Coach Jason Warner, Coach Ryan Frederick, Coach Casey Kilduff and Coach Sam Chones 8th Grade groups will combine to play approximately a 10 minute scrimmage during half-time of the 2nd game of the double-header.  Players please be ready as members from the Windy City Bulls will be looking out for you prior to half-time.  Both teams will need to come down to the court with 10:00 minutes left in the second quarter.  PLAYER/COACHES tickets will be picked up by Coach Warner and distributed to coach Petrie and coach Billy Lewis the week of the game.

Family and Friends tickets:  You can purchase your tickets on-online at the link below.  If you elect to sit together and want your $5.00 off/ticket discount you will need to call the box office and mention “Rockford Elite”

DETAILS for Box Office Tickets:  See Below

We will provide the players with free tickets for the event but realize parents will want to sit near each other and near their children.  Our box office manager, Ulises Picon, will facilitate this and discuss specifics about seating. His direct line is 815-489-8226 and email is upicon@asmrockford.com.

To buy tickets on-line (no discount) you can click on the link below.

Click Here to Buy Tickets ON-LINE

Basketball is Back at the BMO!


Senior Showcase Game

The inaugural Senior Showcase Game was pretty great! Bringing together nearly 40 high school seniors to play in an all-area game along with a NIC-10 game in front of nearly 20 college coaches is what it is all about. We look forward to finalizing the Game Highlights soon. In the meantime, here are BOTH games in their entirety. Share them up with family, friends and coaches.

Here is the full game for the All-Area Game on YouTube.

Here is the full game for the NIC-10 Game on YouTube.

While most of the eyes were on the players, there were local sports trainers like Gene Houston who kept complimenting the cameraman of the night. Check out the following pictures of young entrepreneurs Eric Steiner, Tamir Bell, Bailey Fisher and Jordan Alms set up and host an interview with former Indiana University, Milwaukee Buck and New York Knick Rod Wilmont after his coaches clinic.

Personally, watching these guys set up their mock interview room with tables and utilizing flipped over garage cans to balance their cameras 🎥 had to be the coolest thing that I saw all night. I couldn’t stop watching these young kids.

Thanks to all that participated, we can’t wait for the game highlights, interviews and seeing what these young bucks put together in the upcoming days.

Coach Jason Warner

Illinois Stars/Rockford Elite finish up LIVE Periods!!!

Looking forward to watching the successes of the following 39 players that traveled with the Rockford Elite/Illinois Stars program to Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Orlando this April, May and July during live period.

The more conversations we can have about our area talent, the better!!! There is some talent below!!! Check them out!

1.Sincere Parker (Rockford East)

2.AJ Storr (Lutheran)

3.Nick Fehrle (Boylan)

4.Ethan Ackerman (Winnebago)

5.Kobe Reed (Plainfield East)

6.Josh Ausler (Auburn)

7.Marcus Hill (Rockford Christian)

8.Troy Hunter (Guilford)

9.Javin Davis (Auburn)

10.Brady Peterson (Hononegah)

11.Nolan Rundle (Winnebago)

12.Trent DeVries (Hononegah)

13.Biggie Luster (Jefferson)

14.Latrell Graham (Jefferson)

15.Garrett Burdin (Rochelle)

16.Jarrett Lutzow (Hononegah)

17.Tyler Yaun (Hononegah)

18.Trenton Kyler (Dekalb)

19.Johnny Ice (Dekalb)

20.Brenden Moss (Jefferson)

21.Jack Ivanic (Guilford)

22.Caymen Woods (Waubonsie)

23.Dre Thompson (East)

24.Caleb Donaldson (Bloomington)

25.Jordan Williams (Dekalb)

26.Nick Pierson (Hononegah)

27.Marquis Ratcliff (Bolingbrook)

28.Brown (W Aurora)

29.Chris Burnell (Rockford East)

30.Will Engels (Benet)

31.Sha Den Clanton (Rockford East)

32.Shane O’Mara (Benet)

33.Ethan Helwig (Metea)

34.Beau Bailey (Dixon)

35.Dylan Garrington (Georgia)

36.Cleshon Phipps (Jefferson) injured

37.Anthony Brown (Boylan) injured

38.Cameron McDowell (Georgia)

39.Jacob Gaither (Dixon)

Contact Coach Warner if you would like to learn more about playing or coaching.

Warner 815.262.5995

When John Beilein sits over your right shoulder…

The New York RENS (NY Renaissance) have kids offered by Duke, UCLA, Wisconsin, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc etc. etc. etc. etc. Being considered the best travel team in the state of New York, it would probably be understood that there was not a person in the gym that thought Illinois Stars Coach Knauf 17U team had a snowball chance in hell to pull this one off.

Soon, Coach Knauf’s team was up 19 points at half against high schoolers who had NBA bodies and were fully funded by NIKE. There had to be 350 fans, teams and spectators along with 50 college coaches who witnessed it. I’ve never seen anything like it!!!

While this April, May and July the Illinois Stars program continues to play, compete and beat UA Circuit teams, Adidas Silver/Gold teams and NIKE EYBL teams, this one had to be the biggest.

When John Beilein (Michigan) is sitting over your right shoulder, you knock off an EYBL team and your son (Jack Ivanic) gets recruited by D1 Cal Poly after the game, it’s a good day.

Jack Ivanic (Rockford Guilford) led the team with 22 points, Sincere Parker (Rockford East) 14 pts Caleb Donaldson (Bloomington) 13 pts, Beau Bailey (Dixon) 13 pts and Caymen Woods led area players in scoring.

Wait, wait, wait!!! Andre Thompson (Rockford East) had 4 points but continues to be the X factor in every game, works tirelessly to defend the other teams best player and will continuously be the energizer bunny, the Dennis Rodman or the glue guy who just makes everything work.  Hey Dre, I didn’t forget about ya. You earned it!!! Small colleges can’t sleep on this kid.

Coach Warner

Rockford Elite/Illinois Stars

Illinois Stars 17U take first in Under Armour Pool!

UAA Circuit

Illinois Stars 17U Take first Place in their Pool competing against 2 UAA Circuit teams and beating “TJ Ford” team out of Texas.

Making the top 32 teams in the “UAA Challenge” is quite the achievement.  They play another UAA circuit team Friday when they square off against Texas Hardwork featuring players like Michah Peavy below!

ttps://rockfordelite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Texas-Hardwork.png”> Micah Peavy


ps://rockfordelite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/POOLY-Y-First-Place.png”> UAA Circuit

[/caption]UPDATES for Coach DeVries comes Tomorrow as they continue Pool Play!

Sincerely Special!!!

Raymond Parker was a stand-out player at East High School back in the day but now it’s his sons turn.

I think the 2018-2019 basketball season is going to bring the Nic-10 some parity. While Rockford East is talented, there are several other teams that have a shot at the crown as well.

As each team has a couple stand-out players there’s only a few players that everyone in the conference will remember. While I am firm believer that no individual is bigger than the team, it’s also fun to give credit where credit is due and write player profiles.

Sincere Parker has already drew the attention of D1 schools this April/May and with a solid July with the Illinois Stars, I only anticipate more to follow. Sincere can score, Sincere can shoot it and Sincere is going to be one of the better dunkers in our area.

As I find myself back in the basketball mix, I find myself realizing that the NIC-10 has several pieces that can help break the recruitment stigma Rockford basketball carries with them. While I look forward to continually covering more teams and players in our area, I am pleased to get to know Sincere and help him reach his goals. If you don’t know Sincere Parker’s name, you soon will.

Raymond, a couple weeks ago I asked Sincere if he has beaten his old man yet. Sincere smiled and said “no”. While my typical advise to parents is, keep your kid humble, keep them reaching for the stars, keep them working to improve themselves everyday, my advise to you Raymond, is different. Here it is, “Do not play Sincere in 1 on 1 ever again”. Take a page out of the Jason Warner playbook because the last time Jason, Jeremy and Scott played 1 on 1, I won and I will NEVER play them again.

Coach Jason Warner

8 second video from Practice Tonight!

20' Sincere Parker - East - Rockford
Current Team
Class of 2020

High School Program: Rockford East
Travel Program: Rockford Elite/Illinois Stars

Freshman Clips from High School

Sincere is a soft spoken scorer. The game comes easy to Sincere and as he continues to focus on improving his body, you will start seeing his upside kick in. Sincere is special in the fact that he can really shoot it and finish above the rim.

Basketball to Faith with Chris Westlake

Unity, Servanthood, Humility, Thankfulness and Passion are the words that flowed out of Chris Westlake’s mouth when I got a chance to have lunch with him recently.  For those of you that don’t know Chris, he was was an explosive left handed basketball shooter and one of the best players to come out of the Rockford area (Winnebago High School), but his story is not about basketball.

Sitting there with him, I wanted the juice.  I wanted the stories about how Chris Westlake and UWGB beat Jason Kidd and Lamond Murray (Cal) in the NCAA tournament and then lost to Syracuse by 3 with Autry, Wallace, Moten.  I wanted to know what made him average 15ppg his senior year in college and shoot 50% from the 3 point line.  (Yes, 50%)  I wanted to know more about the schools like NIU that had no interest in him.  I wanted to know what makes the good players great.  I wanted to know how he did it.  I wanted to know what drove him.  I wanted to know what made him successful.  I wanted to pass it on!

Chris grew up in Indiana and basketball was in his blood, literally.  Chris’ father and grandfather were both high level basketball players and sports/basketball was all Chris knew.  Through those years Chris developed an understanding and a feel for the game.  While basketball is what most people remember him for, Chris also played football and soccer in high school along with junior college baseball.  Chris was an all-around great athlete.

To answer my own questions above, Chris was a “full-tilt” type of person.  When there was a goal out there, Chris was wired to go get it.  When Chris made the decision to play D1 basketball, the switch was flipped and there was no “off” button.  Chris was playing D1 basketball and you can thank the naysayers.  I didn’t have to have lunch with Chris to confirm my beliefs.  Back 25 years ago, Chris was on a different level of commitment and everybody knew it.  PASSION!

While I was expecting to hear more stories about what Chris did to become better, I heard stories about the coaches and mentors that opened doors for him along the way and gave him direction.  I heard stories about how Chris enjoyed his brief stint with coaching and how he truly enjoyed helping all the kids on the end of the bench.  I heard about how coach Joe Murphy went out an bought a rebounding machine and spent hours in the gym with him shooting shots.  I heard stories about Carl Armato and Dick Bennett and how they made Chris a better player.  I heard stories about academic tutors and mentors who discussed their faith with Chris.  I soon realized that his successes were less about him and more about others.  He went on to add that the most influential coach and instrumental coach who became part of his life was Woody Wilson.  Chris said, “I connected a lot of dots because with him”.  HUMILITY AND THANKFULNESS!

By the end of lunch, (several hours at that) it dawned on me that Chris loves basketball but today it is his Catholic Faith that guides him.  It was pretty great coming to the realization that through Chris’ basketball career he was building what today is his identity.  I look forward to incorporating Dick Bennett’s 5 pillars – Unity, Servanthood, Humility, Thankfulness and Passion into my future coaching and pass it down.  Thanks Chris for sharing, if you ever get back into coaching you can coach my kids anytime.  I look forward to passing on your message of hard work and faith.  Thanks, my friend!

I enjoyed it greatly!

Here is a good video of Dick Bennett (retired) talking about Faith, Servanthood and Basketball.  At the 18:00 minute mark, he discusses the characteristics of a very good team.  Take a few minutes and listen to Basketball and Faith.


Coach Warner