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Get your Highlight Tape Early! WBHC is BACK – Elite College Exposure!

We Ball Hard Chronicles is Back in Rockford for our August 5th, 2018 Elite College Exposure Event.

VIDEO! VIDEO! and more VIDEO!  We are excited to see WBHC in the gym once again to get video of our event!  Check out some highlight videos purchased last year!

Chris Burnell from Rockford East

Terry Ford from Rockford Jefferson

Description Of Services for WBHC

WBHC is here to provide you with video coverage. Why are highlights important for athletes? They are important because it gives coaches and scouts content to review and evaluate for a possible prospect. Video coverage can also catch moments that can’t be seen on a state sheet. For instance, hustle on defense, boxing out, cutting to the basket, and other small details that can help a team win ball games. To check out our videos and photo please visit our Instagram page at WBHC21. If you would like to purchase our services please contact WBHC on our Instagram, this email leeray3ent@yahoo.com, or at this phone number 224-214-6424. Highlight tapes cost $25 dollars. Thank you in advance.

REGISTERING FOR THE EVENT AND SIGNING UP FOR A HIGHLIGHT TAPE ARE DONE SEPARATELY!!!  We look forward to working with WBHC and are excited to have them at our event this year!!!  Register for Camp by clicking the Picture Below!

Elite College ExposureFINALpng